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朝日新聞雑誌 AERA 2024年5月20日号

AERA 2024年5月20日号 巻頭特集「次なる地震は」にて、都市型津波の特徴、避難行動について有川教授のインタビューが掲載されました。AREA dot.にも同内容が掲載されています。

テレビ朝日 「サタデーSTATION」

2023/9/1 15:50~ Broadcast​ Professor Arikawa will appear on Nippon Television's "news every."

Interviews about the possibility of a tsunami from an earthquake directly hitting the Tokyo metropolitan area, the characteristics and risks of tsunamis in large cities, etc. will be aired along with a tsunami reproduction experiment using our laboratory's large cross-section water tank.


2024/5/5 日本経済新聞 日経電子版




2024/4/29 NST

「新潟市の津波30㎝ではなく“1m”だった?津波研究の専門家が現地調査「きちんと逃げることが大事」」にて、令和6年能登半島地震で発生した津波について、新潟市での津波調査の内容やインタビューが放送されました。NIIGATA NEWS NET、FNNプライムオンラインにも同内容が掲載されています。








We created a laboratory logo


​We have created a logo for the Arikawa Laboratory.

The design was created mainly by current laboratory members.

Yacht training using research subjects such as waves, soil, structures, and vegetation as motifs.We also incorporated a yacht as an accent unique to Arikawa Lab.

By configuring these motifs as a whole in a circle, research will help create a rich and safe coastal area.It expresses the aspirations and unity of the coastal city for the future.

Our laboratory interview article was published in Marine Voice 21 Vol.321


Japan Reclamation Dredging Association Newslettermarine voice21” Vol.321 (April 2023 issue)An interview article about Arikawa Laboratory was published in "Laboratory Visit".

​For details, please check the article (PDF file) below.

Click here for the Japan Reclamation Dredging Association website:

A new research article has been published online in Coastal Engineering Journal.


The authors conducted sensitivity analyses to physics options in Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model for typhoon forecasting and a conprehensive review of previous studies.

The work also evaluated how uncertainty of typhoon forecasts propagates to storm surge forecasts.

Professor Arikawa received a letter of appreciation from the Chilean Navy's SHOA (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy) 


Professor Arikawa received a letter of appreciation from the Chilean Navy's SHOA (Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service of the Chilean Navy) .

This letter of appreciation is for contributing to disaster prevention education in the Republic of Chile, centering on providing videos on tsunami disasters.

Won the MICHIBIKI AWARD at RPD Challenge (2020)!

July 9, 2021

Mr. Shirai (M1), Mr. Yoshida (B4), and Ms. Tadokoro (M2) teamed up with two Thai students to develop an evacuation support application as a part of real-time evacuation support, and won the MICHIBIKI AWARD (the third overall) at the RPD Challenge, a hackathon on disaster management applications of satellite positioning systems, which was organized by the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System Strategy Office of the Cabinet Office and organizations in Thailand.

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