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Yacht Practice

1. Project members

​ A team will be formed by the captain, 2nd year master's student, 1st year master's student, and 4th year undergraduate student. You can experience the skills necessary for a working member of society, such as skills as a project manager from seniors, including great captains, from your school days.


3. Conceptual diagram (planned route)

There are no roads on the sea. Decide your route in advance.


​5. Timeline

Record the record of the day on the timeline. Compiling training records and handing them over to the next team is essential for the growth of the team. It is important even in society.


2. Weather forecast

The driving force of a yacht is the wind. We learn to predict winds from weather maps.


4. Flowchart

The sea is always life-threatening. If you have thorough safety measures, you can enjoy yacht training. The important thing is not to get lost in the choices on the yacht. Flowcharts are used to numerically determine judgment criteria in advance for weather and sea conditions that change from moment to moment, making it possible to make smooth decisions.


​6. Practicum comments (items to be transferred)

For safe and secure yacht training, it is essential to transmit information to the next training group. In order to prevent engine troubles and accidents, we perform thorough maintenance and management. Photos taken after training are posted on social media.

Information on daily yacht training is reported on Facebook. Check it out! !

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