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For student who wants to learn with us

Reasons to choose Arikawa Lab

Strengths of Arikawa Laboratory

​​​​​1. Research themes with social and academic value and a well-developed research environment

  • With extensive resources, including large-scale experimental facilities, state-of-the-art supercomputers, and independently developed and improved state-of-the-art numerical simulations, you can conduct academically and socially important research based on your own interests.​​

  • You can engage in cutting-edge research that combines physical and engineering elements, connects multiple academic fields such as the atmosphere, rivers, coasts, land, and society, and creates new academic and social value.

  • (Example of research content)
  • ​​Tsunami and storm surge disaster prevention: An example of ongoing research topics
    • Research on building a real-time evacuation support system for flooding due to multi-hazards [Nagoya University HPC Computational Science Collaborative Research Project 2022-Present]

    • Research on combined disasters of heavy rain, storm surge, and tsunami [Earth Simulator open call for projects (ongoing project)]

    • Development of instant tsunami prediction method using deep learning

    • Our strengths lie in building real-time evacuation support systems, and research is underway with the aim of local implementation through collaboration with municipalities, etc.


    • Understanding and modeling of various phenomena that occur in coastal areas

      • Ground-fluid interactions/ Structure-fluid interactions

      • ​Modeling and reproduction calculations of phenomena related to coasts and ports using numerical wave tanks

        • Development of an open source of 3D numerical wave tank based on Navier-Stokes equation​. There is also the possibility that the results of one's own research can make a significant academic contribution.​​

2. Laboratory life/career path


  • More than 10 graduate students (2 doctoral students and 12 master's students), and it is an environment where you can feel free to consult with us about any concerns you may have about laboratory life or your career path.

    • In terms of career paths, there are alumni in various industries, and you can broaden your horizons by interacting with seniors through yachting activities, etc.​​​

  • ​We actively conduct field surveys and give presentations at academic conferences, so you can experience for yourself the importance of research.. Interacting with students and researchers from other universities can lead to gaining new values and ways of thinking, as well as increasing motivation.

    • All students have the opportunity to present at academic conferences, including international conferences.

    • Overseas presentation results in 2023: Germany (IUGG), Singapore (AOGS), Turkey (SCACR)


  • Additionally, in 2023, we held a seminar camp with the cooperation of Kiho Town, Mie Prefecture.. The relationships between laboratory members have deepened, with a sense of unity as a laboratory,I am living a fulfilling life in the laboratory..

​​People who are suitable for Arikawa Lab/people who can be especially recommended

  • Of course, anyone who wishes to be assigned to the Arikawa Lab as their first choice is welcome!

  • Most of the students at the Arikawa Lab go on to graduate school. We especially recommend those who are thinking of going on to graduate school.


We hope that the following information will be helpful to those who are unsure about where to be assigned.

  • ​For those who are not sure what they want to do in the future

    • We think that there are very few third-year undergraduate students who have decided on their future career path at this point.

    • In times like these, we think the best thing to do is to do everything in your power to do what you can now. At Arikawa Lab, we will do our best to support those who want to focus on research and those who want to do their best in a variety of ways.(As stated in 1. & 2. above). The time you spend working hard on something becomes your asset. Additionally, as you progress through your research life, such as interacting with local residents and presenting at academic conferences, you may find out what you want to do.

      • In fact, Arikawa Lab graduates find employment in a variety of industries (including those pursuing doctoral studies).

      • I believe that interacting with unique senior students and alumni will be a valuable opportunity in deciding your career path.

  • For those who have a low GPA in their department and are worried about whether they will be able to survive after being assigned.

    • High GPA and ability to do research do not necessarily correspond. Also, there is no problem if you study necessary for research after being assigned. If requested, we also hold regular study sessions with senior students. Arikawa Lab may be suitable not only for academic ability, but also for those who have a strong curiosity and greed to know and learn.

  • In recent years, Arikawa Lab has not set a core time, and there are many situations where self-management skills to independently manage progress are required (Currently, overall seminars are held once a week. (There will be approximately 1 presentation opportunity per month for each students).
    • Therefore, rather than academic ability,people who have self-management skills or who want to acquire such skillsis suitable for Arikawa Lab. These skills will definitely be useful even after you enter society.

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